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Dr. Doud has a philosophy that almost anyone can "run tests" or "operate machines" to examine a patient but not everyone can take care of a patient. A comprehensive eye exam begins with a complete history and interview followed by a thorough, un-rushed evaluation of your eyes. All comprehensive exams include a digital image of the retina to screen for eye disease. Dr. Doud will not only determine if your eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription has changed, but will also be able to detect external or internal ocular medical problems including as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. After your examination is complete, Dr. Doud will advise and educate you in plain language! Annapolis Vision Center is also equipped with EyeImaginations - an interactive graphic software program for more detailed patient education.

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We are in the midst of one of the worse allergy seasons in a long time. As your eye doctor, I am concerned with the health of your eyes as well as your vision.
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